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Oracle Demantra 7.3.1 Real-Time Sales & Operations Planning Fundamentals (D77273GC10)


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  • Understand the Demand Review process.
  • Edit and approve the consensus forecast.
  • Conduct a supply review.
  • Use executive review worksheets.
  • Become familiar with where Oracle Demantra Sales and Operations Planning fits in the overall Oracle Value Chain Planning solution.
  • Compare scenarios.
  • Publish and archive plans.


This Oracle Demantra 7.3.1 Sales and Operations Planning training will teach you about the role of sales and operations planning in the Oracle Value Chain Planning solution. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to create a unified business plan based on a consensus between your organization?s sales, manufacturing, and financial departments. Learn To: Become familiar with where Oracle Demantra Sales and Operations Planning fits in the overall Oracle Value Chain Planning solution. Understand the Demand Review process.Edit and approve the consensus forecast. Conduct a supply review. Use executive review worksheets. Compare scenarios. Publish and archive plans. Benefits to You Companies that excel at sales and operations planning outperform their competition. By investing in this course, you?ll learn how to align your production with customer demand and ensure increased customer service levels. With a better understanding of your customer demand, you can better manage your inventories and reduce lead times. The result is a demand-driven organization with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs. Deep Dive into Demand, Supply, and Executive Reviews The knowledge and skills you develop in this course will help you gain consensus at the demand and supply levels. It?s important to gain this consensus before you determine the financial implications and integrate top-level business plans with tactical plans during the executive review. Furthermore, you?ll learn how to use an iterative process to ensure that the tactical plans in all business functions and geographies are aligned with your company?s strategy. Finally, after all plans are approved, you?ll publish and archive the final demand and supply plans. Integrate Oracle Demantra Sales and Operations PlanningIf you are interested and time allows, our instructors will explain how to integrate Oracle Demantra Sales and Operations Planning with Rapid Planning and Hyperion Planning. Alternatively, you can refer to these training topics on your own time, as needed.


  1. Oracle VCP Overview
    • Demand-Driven Adaptive Planning
    • Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
    • Oracle Strategic Network Optimization
    • Manufacturing Planning and Production Scheduling Shared Information
    • VCP Business Flow
    • Oracle Value Chain Planning Architecture Deploy Stand-Alone or as Single Instance with Oracle EBS
    • Where does Sales and Operations Planning Fit in the Planning Footprint?
    • SOP in a Non-Manufacturing Environment
  2. Introduction to Oracle Demantra Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning
    • What Is Sales and Operations Planning?
    • Traditional Approach to Sales and Operations Planning
    • Key Demantra Sales and Operations Key Functionality
    • Seeded Components
    • Dashboards
    • Sales and Operations Planning Users and Groups
    • SOP Process Overview
    • Collecting and Downloading Data
  3. Understanding the Demand Review
    • Demand Review Process
    • Starting the Demand Review
    • Preparing for the Demand Review
    • Reviewing and Adjusting Forecasts
    • Working with Exceptions
    • Exception Real Time Sales Tracking Worksheet
    • Completing the Demand Review
  4. Understanding the Supply Review
    • Supply Review Process
    • Integration with Value Chain Planning
    • Starting the Supply Review
    • Working with Exception Reports
    • Supply Review Meeting
    • Completing the Supply Review
  5. Understanding the Executive Review
    • Managing by Exception
    • Executive Review Worksheets
    • Implementing Corrective Action
    • Approving Supply Plans
    • Consolidated Plan Review by Product Category
    • Financial Summary ? Financial Summary Worksheet
    • Financial Summary ? Cumulative Plan Worksheet
    • Publishing and Archiving Plans
  6. Integrating with Rapid Planning
    • Integrating with Rapid Planning
    • Rapid Planning Integration Business Value
    • Integration Entities
    • Demantra SOP Integration Setup
    • Integration Setup Process
    • Downloading Plan Data
    • Review Plan in Demantra
    • Publish Forecast
  7. Integrating with Hyperion Planning
    • SOP ? Hyperion Planning Integration
    • Process Integration Pack Architecture
    • SOP ? Hyperion Integration Assumptions
    • SOP ? Hyperion Planning Integration Installation and Setup
    • SOP ? Hyperion Planning Integration Hyperion Planning Setup
    • Hyperion Planning Dimensions
    • Hyperion Planning Dimension Members
    • Hyperion Planning to Demantra Flow


    • Students should have Demand Management or equivalent hands on experience ? this should not be their first Demantra class

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