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R12.2 Oracle Manufacturing New Features (D81551GC10)

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This R12.2 Manufacturing New Features training teaches you how to use the new features added to manufacturing applications between releases 11i and 12.2. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you to identify those features most useful to your business.Learn To:Identify and use the new features in the following applications: Oracle InventoryOracle Cost ManagementOracle QualityOracle Bills of MaterialOracle Manufacturing Execution SystemOracle Warehouse ManagementOracle Advanced Supply Chain PlanningBenefits to YouQuickly learn the benefits of upgrading your manufacturing applications to release 12.2. Develop the knowledge needed to implement key features immediately and realize the full benefit of your upgraded manufacturing applications. Implement New Features that Span Multiple ApplicationsMany of the new features impact multiple manufacturing applications. For example, you'll learn how a feature set up in Oracle Inventory affects the use of Oracle Warehouse Management.Participate in Hands-On ExercisesThe activities in this course give you valuable hands-on experience using many of the manufacturing applications. Use these activities as a step-by-step guide once you are prepared to implement and use the new features in your own environment.Use Mobile Devices to Perform TransactionsThese activities also help you understand how to use mobile devices to perform transactions. Some of these transactions include cycle counting and inventory replenishment.Gain Understanding of Advanced FeaturesThis course also touches on some of the more advanced options, such as advanced lot control, subledger accounting, advanced wave planning, and supply chain modeling enhancements.


  1. Oracle Inventory New Features
    • Defining Process Manufacturing Options on the Process Manufacturing tab (Master Item window)
    • Material Workbench Enhancements
    • Performing a Status Update (Under ERES Approval Status)
    • ERES Approval: Online and Deferred Mode
    • Using On-hand Material Status
    • Using Global Lot Attributes
    • Lot Genealogy Enhancements
    • Enhanced Reservations
  2. Additional Oracle Inventory New Features
    • Setting Up and Using Serial Tagging Assignments
    • Understanding Return to Vendor Transactions
    • Inventory Picking Rules Enhancements
    • Using Lot Cycle Counting for a Lot Controlled Item
  3. Oracle Cost Management New Features
    • Upgrading Accounting to Subledger Accounting
  4. Oracle Quality New Features
    • ERES support for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
    • Genealogy Enhancements
    • Quality Integration with Other Manufacturing Applications
    • Usability Improvements in the Quality Workbench
    • Collecting Device Data in the Quality Workbench
  5. Oracle Bills of Material New Features
    • Calculating Inverse Usage
    • Using Lot Based Components on the BOM for WIP and OSFM
    • Understanding Material Control Attributes in a Common Bill
    • Specifying Sequence Dependent Setup Data
    • Usability Improvements in Setup Changeovers Window
  6. Oracle Manufacturing Execution System New Features
    • Configuring Options
    • Viewing Dispatch Lists in Oracle MES
    • Transaction Enhancements
    • Streamlining Lot and Serial Capture
    • Reporting and Resolving Exceptions
    • Reserving Completed Serialized Assemblies through Inventory
  7. Oracle Warehouse Management New Features
    • Personalizing Warehouse Management Mobile Transaction Pages
    • Cancelling Tasks Using the Warehouse Control Board
    • Defining Custom Label Fields for Label Formats
    • Dock Scheduling and Load Sequencing with OTM Integration
    • Replenishing a Forward Pick Area
    • Supporting High Volume Case Picking
    • Receiving LPNs Using a Mobile Device
    • Using Opportunistic Cycle Counting
  8. Additional Oracle Warehouse Management New Features
    • Using Catch Weight Management
    • Cross Docking
    • Over Allocating For Pick Release
    • Reusing LPNs
    • Implementing the Wave Planning Process
    • Managing Logistics Service Providers (LSP)
    • Using Distributed Warehouse Management
  9. Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning New Features
    • Collections Enhancements
    • Passing Substitute Item Recommendations to Sales Orders
    • Shelf Life Enhancements
    • Excluding Planned Orders from Supply
    • Setting Up Forecast Spreading Based on a Shipping Calendar
    • Setting Up Postprocessing Lead Time for Make Orders
    • Optimizing the Planning Process
    • Setting Up Supplier Capacity Consumption by Purchase Order
  10. Additional Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning New Features
    • Customizing the Horizontal Plan
    • Running Simulation Plans
    • Firming Internal Requisitions and Internal Sales Orders
    • Integrating Oracle Transportation Management with ASCP
    • Scheduling Contiguous Operations
    • Using Asset Intensive Planning
    • Scaling Distribution Planning


    • Familiarity with the applications discussed in this course.

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